[DVDISO] ℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.19 [2011.04.16]

℃-ute DD Magazine Vol.19 is nineten DVD Magazine by ℃-ute. It was released on April 16, 2011 at the ℃-ute & S/mileage Premium Live 2011 Haru ~℃ & S Collaboration Daisakusen~ concert venue.

The C-ute members’s epic battle after without S/mileage. The funny comical ℃-ute members.

Performance power increase strategy big battle!
Dame Game Suzuki Airi
Kawai Comics
Terebi Nakajima Saki
Sexy Comical
Graduatend Middle School Hagiwara
Hagiwara Kawai Comical
You Tube Dance Okai Chisato
Okai Comical
Leader Last
Final Coo



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